About this Blog

What does “Champagne Peaks” mean anyway?

Celebrating the Peaks in Life

About the Blog

I started this blog as a simple way to fulfill my need to be somewhat creative. I have always wanted to travel and experience many things that most people only read about. This blog is a way to document these experiences as I go, and share my story with anyone who cares enough to read along. You can see my life list here, it’s the list of experiences I wish to accomplish in my years ahead! Champagne Peaks: Celebrating the good times (peaks) in life!

About Me

My goal is to not only document my experiences, but also to encourage others to live the life they dream about. I graduated high school in 2013 and jumped right into a community college, not really sure of what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. After switching my college major for the 3rd time (yikes) I was only sure of one thing, and that was to live a life that wasn’t boring. I wanted to see the world and not get caught up in the 9-5 life, never having time for fun and being a prisoner to student loan debt. A girl can dream!

Fast Forward a few years, I am a college drop out, full time Realtor, and blogging about life! I live in Massachusetts, love the beach, love good food, and I dream of traveling often. I’m not sure of the direction this blog will take me. Maybe it’s just an online diary of travels, baking, and other randomnesss that catches my eye. Either way I am excited to have a place to put my life’s peaks so I can look back and remember the highlights of life! 

My hope is to inspire at least one person to accomplish something they have always dreamed of, something that brings them happiness and a sense of fulfillment. We need more Peaks in our lives, and we deserve them! Anyways, thank you for reading this far and I hope you enjoy my posts!