Where to Eat in Aruba

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I have been fortunate enough to visit Aruba several times now and I keep wanting to go back!  Aruba has plenty of options when it comes to dining including Italian, BBQ, Seafood, Sushi, Fast Food, Vegan and more!! Here are my favorite places to eat when visiting the One Happy Island!


Acai and CocoWhip from Eduardo’s on Palm Beach.

Eduardo’s- For a quick and easy breakfast on Palm beach, this is your place! Eduardos is known for their Acai bowls, but they have much more to offer. This beach shack serves up nutritious and filling options for breakfast and lunch and the best part is it’s all vegan! From protein balls, to fresh juices, tacos and more you won’t be disappointed with the selection. We go here just about every morning for breakfast as it’s refreshing and you don’t feel groggy and bloated after eating here.

Large açaí bowl from Eduardo’s

My go-to is the large raw acai bowl. It’s a cup full of raw acai, not blended with sweeteners or almond milk, topped with fresh fruit.. and not just strawberries and bananas either… you get a little bit of everything. They even have Coco Whip, a dairy-free and guilt-free soft serve. Try it with fresh fruit and coconut shavings on top! If you are looking for an Instagram photo-op this is a great stop, drop by to see why 😉

Buffet at Ruinas Del Mar- This breakfast buffet is a must for at least one of your mornings. The buffet is located at Ruinas Del Mar, a restaurant inside the Hyatt hotel. I will admit – I have had better breakfast food, however, that doesn’t mean it isn’t tasty! Not only can you choose from so many delicious options, but you can sit directly next to swans and koi fish swimming in the small pond outside. 

View of the Ruins Del Mar restaurant from the outside.

This Hyatt is one of my favorite hotels in the world because of how beautiful the grounds are here. After brunch walk around to meet the hotel’s bird friends and get some great photo backdrops while there. You’ll love the lush gardens and wildlife here!



Palms Restaurant- Also located at the Hyatt, this semi-outdoor restaurant is situated right across from the beach. This is a great place to escape the sun while still getting that ocean air and view! The Palms Restaurant has a good selection of drinks, appetizers, and sandwiches making this a perfect lunch spot. My choice is the grass-fed burger with cilantro mayo and a side of fries.

View from outside the Palms Restaurant at the Hyatt

Madero Pool and Beach Grill- This lunch spot is located at the last stop on Palm Beach, the Ritz Carlton. Whether or not we stay at the Ritz, we take a daily walk down the beach, turn around at the Ritz, and walk back to our hotel. This is a great spot to get the most refreshing Mojito, excellent service and a delicious plate of nachos. We crave the mahi-mahi tacos and perfectly cooked french fries every time we are in Aruba. This hotel has a few other dining options that are great for dinner including Casa Nonna, an Italian restaurant with a great sharing menu. 



Texas de Brazil- Meat lovers, this is your place! This is a Brazilian steak house with all you can eat fire-roasted meat. You start off at the salad buffet that is loaded with tons of selections from sushi to charcuterie, vegetables and more. You can also get sides of beans, rice, and usually a soup of the day in this area. Once you are seated, get ready for the rush! Each diner is given a coaster that is red on one side and green on the other. If your coaster has the green side up be prepared for the servers to come your way and shave juicy steaks onto your plate, and they come in QUICK!

I have had some of the best steaks of my life at Texas de Brazil. While the filet wrapped in bacon is tasty, I should mention that each table gets complimentary fried plantains and mashed potatoes, so you are not eating just meat the whole night. If you are with a group I recommend ordering a pitcher of the red sangria. We couldn’t finish the pitcher and were given the rest to go. Texas de Brazil is located in the strip mall right behind the highrise hotels, and a short walk from most of them too! 

Fred- Looking for something different from the same old restaurant-style dinner? Fred is your place!! We booked our reservation at Fred months in advance and we were lucky enough to get a spot at this 14 seat restaurant. YES, there are only 14 seats inside, all spread out in a horseshoe shape table around the kitchen. This is an experience! You and the other guests all get sat at the same time and are treated to a creative and one of a kind 5-course meal. You can choose to pair a glass of wine with each course as well.  

Kitchen and dining area in Fred

Fred and his host Tom prepare the meal and socialize with you throughout the night which was a nice treat. In between a few of the courses you are brought outside on the patio and get the chance to mingle with the other diners in the restaurant. This is not an in and out dinner… this is a night dedicated to food and socializing in a quiet and comfortable ambiance. The food at Fred is exceptional. If you like fine dining, then this is your place. They even track past guests to ensure you never get the same meal twice when dining at Fred. It’s easy to see why Fred is the #1 place to dine in Aruba.

One of our courses at Fred!

Smokey Joe’s- I avoided eating at Smokey Joe’s the first few times I was in Aruba. To me, it looked like the biggest tourist trap with its bright colors and iguana mascot. I was so wrong! This quickly became one of my favorite spots to eat. This is a tasty BBQ spot with TVs, open-air dining and cold Balashi beers. Start with a plate of wings and end the night with fried Oreo’s.  My go-to meal is the Jamaican jerk ½ chicken with rice and beans. The flavor in everything they serve is off the charts. If you are dining with a non-BBQ lover, they also serve fresh-caught fish and shrimp. 

Balashi beer at Smokey Joes.

Faro Blanco- Also known as the “light house restaurant”. This gem is situated right next to the California light house, one of Arubas famous landmarks. While I recommend going to see the California lighthouse during the day, you HAVE to come back in the evening for a sunset dinner at Faro Blanco.

Faro Blanco serves the best of Italian cuisine while perched atop Aruba’s west coast with STUNNING views of the shore line. Don’t believe me? Google it! (kicking myself for not having a better photo of this place) While a portion of the restaurant is open air but covered, much of the dining area is completely open to the elements on their patio. We had some of the best food, service and atmosphere while dining at Faro Blanco. Think… live music playing while you sip fine wine and have a light breeze coming off the coast. I enjoyed this place so much that I even want to get married here! If you are looking for a romantic evening, or a fun night out with friends then you need a night at Faro Blanco!

Other favorites not mentioned:

I haven’t had the chance to document all of my food experiences while in Aruba. So, here are some that are at the top of my recommendation list, that just never made it to the blog!

  • Azzuro Ristorante Italiano Aruba– an oceanfront Italian restaurant with great views and better food! Located in the Playa Linda hotel, right near Eduardo’s Beach Shack
  • Divi Sushi Bar and Lounge- Grab cocktails and sushi in the middle of all the action at the Ritz Carlton’s lobby bar. This is a great place to lounge and order tapas style sushi for everyone to pick at and enjoy with a relaxed style of dining. Eat on the terrace for fresh air and ocean views!
  • Solania- Located in the lower level of the Ritz, this breakfast is top notch. Enjoy everything from avocado toast, to eggs or pancakes, or have a little bit of everything at the buffet. Outdoor seating is mostly shaded but the birds can be annoying. Bottomless mimosas for under $20!

Have you been to Aruba? Where is your favorite place to eat?

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