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I recently returned from a quick weekend trip to Las Vegas. While you may not need a full week away to enjoy the hustle and bustle of the Vegas strip, you do need a full week away, or two, to enjoy all the food options scattered throughout Sin City. There are SO many amazing restaurants and a 3-night stay is not nearly enough to experience them all! I’m already looking forward to going back and indulging in all of the spots I wasn’t able to on my recent trip. As for the ones I was able to dine at, here are my thoughts:

Let’s Start with Dinner:

Hell’s Kitchen–

Whether or not you are a fan of the show, Hell’s Kitchen is an absolute “must eat” spot! Located right in front of Caesars Palace, this restaurant is easily accessible from most hotels on the strip. Stop and take your photo outside in front of the recognizable Hell’s Kitchen pitchfork logo and make your way into what feels like the actual set of the show!

Although we did not see celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsey, we did experience the culinary creations that makes Hell’s Kitchen famous! We started off with a round of drinks, one of which was named “smoke on the blvd”. It came out in a glass box filled with cherry wood smoke. Our waiter told us to have our cameras ready so we could record the box being opened and smoke spewing from around the drink. For appetizers, we got shrimp cocktail and the best Caesar salad I have ever tasted. The dressing was creamy and tasted similar to cream cheese, sweet, but zesty. The 4 shrimp cocktails were a great portion to start – but I could have eaten 10 more just for the gin cocktail sauce.

For mains a majority of the table ordered the signature beef wellington dish while the one lone ranger got the dry aged NY Strip. No one was disappointed. The beef wellington was cooked to absolute perfection and accompanied with red wine demi glace. For sides we chose the brussell sprouts which were sweet and spicy, and also the baked mac n cheese which was heavenly. Of course sticky toffee pudding was a must before heading out! It was much lighter than I expected. I had anticipated a dense and gooey cake but instead was pleased with a light and airy desert. I can’t say enough about our experience at Hell’s Kitchen, I would have gone again the next night if we were there for more than 3 days!

Mayfair Supper Club–

This is an absolute MUST if you want an old school dinner show experience!! I stumbled upon the Mayfair Supper Club while searching online for things to do in Vegas. While everyone tells you that you have to see a show while in Vegas, the Covid pandemic made that a little more difficult for us. Dinner at the Mayfair Supper Club solved that problem.

We sat directly against one of the floor to ceiling windows overlooking the Bellagio fountain show. This alone would have made any evening special. As we ordered our first round of drinks, the live entertainment began. A husband and wife duo serenaded the room as diners enjoyed their candlelit dinner around us. The ambiance here is second to none.

The view from our table!!!

The entertainment was lovely, as was the food. The prime rib was phenomenal, but the mashed potatoes truly stole the show. I have never had smoother, richer mashed potatoes in my life! Our server even surprised us with a brownie sundae for my friends birthday. It was hard to get up and leave once we were done eating. It truly felt like we were in a movie and I can’t recommend this place enough!

Red 8–

After getting off a 6-hour flight from Boston we were ready to EAT! I wanted something different. We are in Vegas after all! Red 8 was the place. Located in the Wynn hotel, it was just a short elevator ride from our room making it the perfect lunch spot for a hangry traveler.

The dining room is a bold, yet comfortable setting with vibrant red decor. The menu was very diverse and exactly what we were looking for. We started off with the steamed BBQ pork dim sum and the pan fried chive dumpling appetizer. The chive dumplings were crispy on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside and served with a chili sweet and sour dipping sauce. I couldn’t get enough of it!

For a meal we decided to split the assorted BBQ platter. The platter includes crispy roasted pork belly, roasted duck and barbecued pork. All three items were savory and cooked to perfection. We also added a bowl of classic dan dan noodles with pork. The noodles were served with all the fixins in a separate pile on top and a side of pork broth to pour over the bowl. As recommended by our server, we passed on the pork broth. Instead we tossed the noodles in all the flavorful goodness they came with. Heaven on earth!

Nacho Daddy–

Do yourself a favor and check this place out! The first night we arrived in Vegas we wanted a more casual dining experience. We made reservations for the Nacho Daddy located in downtown Vegas and we loved it. We felt at home and loved the hustle and bustle on the streets outside. With a name like Nacho Daddy you can expect some pretty damn good nachos and that is what we got.

We started off with a round of margaritas, chips, salsa and their white queso dip. The servers were quick to refill our chips and bring a second round of drinks. The nachos are not only tasty, but they are made right. The nachos are layered, so instead of all the toppings being dumped on top of a giant pile of chips, these nachos had layers of toppings throughout. No plain chips in sight!



After scouring the internet to find the best places to eat in Vegas I finally added this one to my list. The Peppermill was a must for others so it was now a must for me! We showed up to the Peppermill around 10:00am on Saturday to find a crowd of people waiting out front. This place had live entertainment playing outside for those waiting for a table. Something told me we wouldn’t be eating anytime soon. We made our way to the front of the line to find out the bar had a 50 minute wait. A booth had a 1.5 hour wait… We were too hungry and decided to head out. The next morning we woke up earlier and were at the Peppermill by 8:00. We didn’t have to wait a minute to be seated.

The dining room is a true blast from the past. I felt like I was walking through an enchanted forest with neon lights as we made our way to our table. I was really here for the atmosphere but the food was great too! The breakfast portions are HUGE and if we didn’t have to catch a flight in a few short hours I would have loved to go back and sit in the lounge for late night drinks and food. The ten egg omelette is plenty for you to split and the pancakes were light and fluffy. Finally a place that knows how to cook a pancake!

The Egg & I–

This is just about the cutest breakfast place I have ever been too! To start off, the menu is a mini newspaper. As we read through the menu I couldn’t help but laugh at the fact that it looked like we were all sitting back reading the paper at the table. The dining room walls are painted with a country mural and a mini train makes its way around the dining room on an overhead track.

The dining room wasn’t the only impressive thing this diner has to offer. The menu was expansive with options like egg crepes, egg skillets and even a Hawaiian section! I would no doubt visit the Egg and I numerous times on one trip if it meant I could try something new from the menu each day. Our server was kind enough to give us each a free homemade banana nut muffin since we were first timers. This was the softest and lightest muffin I have tried to date!

The habla diablo seasoned potatoes are an absolute must along with the homemade corned beef hash. I would NEVER order corned beef hash, it grosses me out but not at the Egg and I! I was hooked and couldn’t stop eating off of Tim’s plate. The Egg and I is a must try in the Vegas area and the place you want to be to recuperate after a late night out!


Vanderpump Cocktail Garden

This mystical cocktail garden is just that… a magical yet mysterious garden! The decor here is worth the stop alone but the drinks are what had me hooked. Located in Caesars Palace this is the PERFECT pre dinner cocktail hour for you and your travel companions. We stopped here about an hour and a half before our dinner at Hells Kitchen. This was just enough time to get two rounds of drinks in before running off to our next reservation. I ordered the Matcha Matcha Man and as expected from a place specializing in handcrafted cocktails, it was the prefect blend of ingredients and flavors. This spot is first come first serve and you are typically greeted by a line out front so plan accordingly! I recommend getting here 2-2.5 hours before your dinner reservation just incase!

Have you been to Vegas? Where is your favorite place to eat in Sin City?

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