Why I Love Aruba and You Will Too

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Aruba is called “one happy island” for a reason. The sunshine, the breeze, and the convenience of Aruba are just a few of the reasons why this Carribean Island is a popular vacation spot! 


Blue skies and palm trees under the bright sun!

You can rely on having great weather in Aruba all year round! This makes for a popular winter destination as the island has consistently warm days during New England’s frigid winter. Sunny with temps in the 80’s and a light breeze is what you will find whenever you visit this Caribbean island. Not only is Aruba situated outside of the hurricane belt, but it also has minimal rainfall for the year, meaning you won’t need to nervously check the weather app for the week leading up to your trip. I have only seen it rain once in Aruba in the several times I have visited – and it was for about 10 minutes total. After the rain had stopped, the sun quickly emerged and erased any signs of the inclement weather. 

The sun is always shining and a light breeze will ensure your comfort while you walk around. Don’t forget to bring your headbands and chair clips for the beach!! I think I spent half of my time on the beach fixing my blown away beach towels until I bought these chair clips that hold your towel in place!! I’m telling you, if you don’t buy them before your trip you will definitely be looking for them while you are there. If you are worried about traveling during hurricane season, or worried about the weather not being ideal for your trip, then I would strongly consider a trip to Aruba. No one wants to get stuck on a chilly and rainy island vacation. 


Not only does Aruba have endless sunny days, but it also has a reputation as being one of the safest islands to visit. Many tourists feel comfortable leaving the resorts and walking to the nearby strip malls or even taxing down to the cruise ports for some night time shopping. While you should always be aware of your surroundings and keep a friend close by, you won’t have to stick to the hotel grounds on this vaca! 

Donkeys on the side of the road in Aruba!

The last few times we were in Aruba we decided to rent a car and explore the non-touristy side of the island. The east side of the island hosts some great sights like Baby Beach, the kite surfers in Boca Grandi, and Charlies Bar in Sint Nicolas. You can even stop and see the donkeys along the way. If you are comfortable with exploring on your own I suggest doing so! 

The kite surfers in Boca Grandi


Things to do

Aruba has something for everyone! Whether it’s shopping, gambling, going on an adventure or relaxing, you will find it here. Sint Nicolas has some serious street art, and Colorado Point has beautiful cliffs to explore while sipping on a fresh coconut through a straw. You can shop in several of the strip malls close to the Palm beach hotels or go ATVing through Arikok National Park. 


Aruba is EASY. From NYC, it’s just under a 5-hour flight. Once you land at the airport, you grab your bags and the taxis are out front waiting to take you to your hotel. The high rise hotels are just a 20-minute ride from the airport (a little longer if the cruise ships are in for the day). No waiting for a bus or shuttle to pick you up and drive 2 hours to your hotel! Everyone I have met on the island speaks English and almost everywhere takes US dollars. No money exchange needed!

Steak dinner at Charlies Bar

There are tons of food options to choose from (you can read about those here) but there is something for everyone. There are very familiar food items on every menu, so no need to worry about what you are getting for dinner. I hope you consider Aruba as one of your next destinations, you won’t be disappointed! 

What’s your favorite island in the Caribbean? I’d love some suggestions for my next trip! 

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